Corporate Code of Ethics

Corporate Code of Ethics of Gazprom Cultural Initiatives Foundation contains values and rules of business communication that are expected to be followed by the Foundation employees.

Corporate Values:
  • professionalism;
  • proactivity;
  • thriftiness;
  • mutual respect;
  • openness to dialog;
  • continuity;
  • image.

Rules of Business Communication:

  • build working relationships based on trust and mutual understanding;
  • provide conditions that facilitate smooth onboarding for young professionals;
  • promote efficient work and the realization of employees’ potential;
  • adhere to the principle of dynamic economic growth with maximum rational use of natural resources to preserve environment;
  • maintain an atmosphere of intolerance to corrupt behavior and family-based protectionism;
  • maintain the corporate image by observing a uniform corporate style in communications and rules of business communication.
The requirements and provisions of the Code are enforced by the Corporate Ethics Commission.

Contact the Commission by email at